Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Malayalam Film Industry
This is an industry which is going through a very bad phase. Known for making extremely realistic movies this industry was in its peak during the 70s and 80s. With the coming in of satellite television and Video piracy this industry has become sick and is still unable to revive. Stars from Kerala too have migrated and finding value for their talent in the Tamil and Telugu industry.

This was a year fro the Malayalam Actresses in Kollywood. All the hits had a Kerala actress in it. Asin starred in Varalaru History of the godfather,Sandhya In Dishyum, Nayantara in Vallavan, Gopika in yamtan magan.

The Malayalam industry is the industry which has produced great actors like Mamooty and Mohan Lal. It's this industry which is the main hub for original stories. A lot of Malayalam movies are remade into Tamil and Telugu. Cheran made autograph and he introduced Gopika and Kamala to the Tamil Industry. Stars like Mamooty and Mohan Lal have acted in many Tamil movies. Mamooty's biggest Tamil hit was Kandukondain Kandukondain.

Asin was the face of the year in 2005 every movie which came around Diwali had her. She starred with Surya in Ghajini, Vikram in Majaa and with Vijay in Sivakasi. All the three movies were hits. Sandhya made her debut with the film kadal and walked off with the best actress award for the film. Gopika has impressed everybody with her simplicity and great eyes. This actress is going places without exposing anything at all. This year was a major year for Nayantara. This actress used act with the senior stars as she too was big built and looked good with them. Look at her this year she has shed off all the extra pounds and is looking sleek in Vallavan and E. Both the movies have been hits this year and she is riding high.

Back to Malayalam movies lets see the top five movies of 2006.

Top 5 Malayalam Movies
Thanmatra starring Mohan Lal and Meera Vasudevan.

Karutha Pakshikal starring Mamooty and Padmapriya.

Achanurangatha Veedu starring Salim Kumar.

Keerthichakra starring Mohan Lal, Jeeva and Gopika.

Rasathantram starring Mohan Lal and Meera Jasmine.

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